Our Services

Gedney Tree Care is a company serving residential and commercial customers with experience and aptitude.

We offer a wide range of skills, including lawn and landscape maintenance, soil improvement, specialty hand pruning of trees & shrubs and a complete plant health care program suitable for all types of properties.

Rare Landscape Installations

From the placement of sod for a new lawn to creating flowerbeds around a property, our workers have the skills and expertise to handle any job, regardless of the size.

Lawn Maintenance

We offer weekly, monthly, one-time, and ongoing contracts for lawn work, which includes Organic fertilizing, seeding and beautification

Removals  & Specialty Hand Pruning

We remove, and prune all sizes of trees and shrubs, includig hazard and specialty tree and shrub pruning

Additional Specialized Tasks

Power raking, core aeration, mulching, topsoil grading and leveling, slit seeding, DE-thatching, and lawn repairs following septic system work.

Some more of our services

All Natural

100% Natural Tree & Shrub Care

Rare Tree & Shrub Planting

Liquid Organic Deep Root Fertilization

Cabling and Bracing

Resistograph Testing

for wood decay

Crown Reductions

Large Caliper Tree  Installations

Intensive Care Services 

for  declining and construction damaged trees.

Tree Care Consulting

Tree and Stump Removals

Tick Control

Mosquito Control